Onirica is the dream we want to share with you

Onirica is a challenge that two women took. The challenge to combine the best cosmetic formulas with nature and its precious elements. The ingredients to make this dream come true are few but fundamental: color, performance, craftsmanship, and a kind soul.  
The core of our brand is the pigment and its diverse facets. Why cage makeup when it should be free to express every aspect of your artistic vision?
Onirica doesn’t like constraints, because dreams, like art, should be free to fly. Hence our multitasking philosophy.
Onirica means color, possibility, freedom to create, to make mistakes, to invent and create again. 
Onirica is your tool, show us your vision!


Oneiric nature

We wanted a makeup line that would be delicate on the skin and respectful of our beautiful planet. So we cut off nasty chemicals and tried to keep our formulas clean and as green as we could, without compromising the performance. 

The beauty of kindness

Onirica does NOT test on animals any of its products, nor ingredients, and does NOT commission any tests to third parties. How can an instrument of beauty be cruel? The answer for us is quite easy: it can’t!

Makeup, not waste

Onirica doesn’t like waste. Plastic pollution is killing our planet and we – however small – have decided that makeup could use less plastic! That’s why we chose high-quality cardboard packaging for our products, and we are constantly looking for solutions to reduce our waste footprint.
With our All In One Cream range, you get a multitasking product that can serve many purposes (aka saves money). It also comes in a refill form which allows you to choose between buying just the pan or combining it with its case, reducing the waste significantly. 
We designed our packaging with love and care, and we hope it’ll keep you company for a very long time!